Candy & Chocolates

Candy & Chocolates

We currently offer the following choices for Candy & Chocolates, including all the old-school favourites as well as the more well known contemporary candies and chocolates, just let us know what you would like when you hire out our Portabello Candy Cart or Ferris Wheel.

Candy Selection


 Pink & White Mice    Heart Throbs  
 Fruity Pops Original Lolly    Black & Raspberries  
Jelly Snakes    Flying Saucers  
Jelly Babies    Licorice Sticks  
 Chocolate Caramels    Milk Chocolate Eclairs  
 Love Hearts Rolls    Dolly Mixtures  
 Jelly Beans    Sugared Almonds  
 Vanilla Fudge    Sherbert Lemons  
 Rhubard & Custard    Mini Eggs  
 Chocolate Limes    Raspberry Ruffles  
 Cola Bottles    Fizzy Suckers  
 Gummi Bears    Small Pear Drops  
 Licorice Allsorts    Midget Gems  
 Milk Chocolate Beans    Fruit Drops  
 Drumsticks Lolly    Pink Shrimps  
 Butter Flavour Mints    Bon Bons  


 Ferrero Rocher Original    Lindt Lindor Milk  
 Lindt Lindor White    Lindt Lindor 60% Dark  
 Lindt Lindor Hazlenut    Lindt Lindor Orange