How to Plan a Wedding on a Small Budget

Let’s be honest, weddings are an expensive event. Any time you mention the word ‘wedding’ to a supplier, it will no doubt raise the cost. Now whilst any couple will want their wedding day to be special, that does not mean you need to spend an absolute fortune on all aspects of the day.

Making sure you plan your wedding day and think about ways to reduce the overall cost are important, especially when you are trying to plan it on a budget.

In this post, we have come up with 20 ways that could help reduce the money you spend, whilst still being able to have a great wedding.  Whether you choose to follow a couple of them or combine them all – there are some great ideas to save some money.

1. Avoid Inviting Too Many Guests

When writing down the list of people to invite, it can easily become 200 names without even thinking about it too hard. But do you really need to invite that friend that you haven’t seen since school??  It seems harsh, but you do need to think that there is a cost that goes with everyone you invite.  Whether you are paying for caterers or catering yourself, you will need to pay to feed everyone on the list.  Come up with the list by all means, but then go back and review the list and ask yourself whether you really want them there or is it down to your parents wanting them there.  If you explain that you are on a budget, then they will understand.  Try reducing your initial list by 20% and if possible try again. 

2. Ask for Help Instead of Wedding Gifts

Have you any friends with a musical talent? Or a friend who takes photography seriously and you trust them to capture some high-quality images?  Nowadays it isn’t seen as rude to ask for money to help with the honeymoon costs in a wedding poem, as most couples are already living together, and wedding gifts are a bit ‘old-school’. But if you do have talented friends it is a great way of saving money on your wedding day.

3. Hold the Ceremony at Home or Outdoors

Hotels or Wedding venues can cost £1,000’s to hire + all the costs associated with feeding your guests, etc.  my sister-in-law got married last year and the venue alone cost £10,000.

This can be a real way of saving money, especially if you are on a budget. Consider if you have a family member or friend with a decent size garden. Hiring chairs will cost a lot less than hiring a venue.

But with the way the weather is in this country, another option could be a local social club. Most let you hire the room for free, just paying a security deposit. They are normally quite accommodating you with decorating the room to make it look just the way you want it. It also covers the drinks aspect, as hiring chairs and buying alcohol could end up being costlier.

4. Do the Catering Yourself or Hire a Family-Owned Restaurant

As long as the guests are fed, they are happy. So why should you pay £100 a head for a fancy sit-down meal when you could do something yourself. Creating a buffet-style selection allows everyone to eat what they would like and still capture the magic of a wedding.

Another option is to talk to a local family-owned restaurant to cater for you.  They will normally go the extra mile to make sure your guests are happy and will thank you for the business (normally with a discount).

Another route is to combine both.  We were at a wedding reception recently; the bride and groom had got married abroad and wanted to do a reception back here for those who couldn’t make it abroad.  They had a local company come in and offer a hot buffet and a family member had arranged a selection of sandwiches, etc. alongside.

It doesn’t not have to be an extravagant affair when feeding your guests and you can save a fortune.  Compare a wedding where you are paying £95 a head at a sit-down meal or a hot and cold