Top Home Buying and Moving Tips for Couples Tying the Knot

Getting married and buying a home are two of your biggest life events. It’s an exciting time, but it can also become complicated. Here are the best tips to help simplify the process.

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 Get organized. With flowers to order, a photographer to arrange, and music to select before you walk down the aisle, adding a home purchase into the mix can make things even more complex. Installing an organizational system can help you stay on track by easing communication and clarifying timelines. You can purchase a readymade version or create your own “command center” by following these simple steps from Southern Living:

  • Sort your ideas and sketch a plan. You may want a cork board, a calendar, a spot to hang keys, magnetic board, and storage bins. Decide what you need and how to arrange it.
  • Measure your space and lay out your design with painter’s tape. Hold your components up and adjust your layout as necessary.
  • Remove the tape one section at a time and install each item as you go.
  • Add personal embellishments to make it more enjoyable to use and view.
  • With your new system in place you can get and stay organized.

Buying a house. Purchasing a new house is another big step that requires a lot of preparation and planning. Before you make that commitment, consider the five things experts say you need to do:

  • Check your credit score. This is one of the main things a lender will consider when deciding how much to loan you.
  • Organize your documents. Your bank will require several documents from the past two years, such as tax returns and bank statements.
  • Review your cash flow. Look at how much “extra” you have once bills are paid. You may need to track your spending habits for a couple months to figure it out. This will give you a better understanding of where your money is going and how your lender will view your application.
  • Debt-to-income ratio. Evaluate how much you already owe and compare it with your income. Your bank will allow around a 36 percent margin.
  • Your down payment. Lenders will consider this in your purchase. If you have trouble pulling funds together, you may need to talk with your bank about special loans.

Once you know what you can afford, you should hire a realtor to act as your buying agent. Experts at Forbes explain that even if you are qualified to handle the process yourself, it may still be better to hire a professional. A realtor will know the market, assist with negotiating, and get you through the legalities involved.

Finally, it’s wise to consider looking at foreclosures as an option, but you’ll need to do your research. Professionals say you should weigh the pros and cons of purchasing a foreclosed home. While you may find a very inexpensive home or get into a better neighborhood than you could otherwise afford, the property could come with repairs to make or even some debts attached. It can also be a very time-consuming process.

 Making your move. Once you have found your new house it’s time to plan your move. The experts at NewHomeSource offer a terrific infographic covering these guidelines to walk you through the process:

  • Find a mover. Research, ask questions, get quotes and make comparisons. The average cost to hire a moving company for a local move is around $2,300 based on where you live, so be sure to review your budget carefully to determine if this is the best route.
  • Start packing. Box up decorative items first and save your daily necessities for last. Be sure to label boxes as you go.
  • Plan your changes. Think about how things will look in your new home and where you want them arranged. Consider what furniture you need and any purchases you will make.
  • Moving day details. Plan accommodations for any children or pets during the move. Update your address and other contact information with government institutions, banks, workplaces, friends, and family members. Have energy sources, trash pick up and internet lined up. Finalize paperwork and insurance matters, and stock up on moving day snacks.
  • Home sweet home. Don’t wait to completely unpack and settle in to show your gratitude to the people who helped make moving into your dream home a reality. Bust out the paper plates, fire up that new gas grill you received for a wedding gift, and invite friends and family over for a simple, delicious meal like grilled vegetable risotto and pineapple steak skewers to thank them for their love and support. This is also a great way to meet your new neighbors.

 Your new life together. These tip