Wondered About The Size of The Magic Mirror?

We hired out the Magic Mirror last week – it was an 11 year old’s birthday party and they were having a sleepover. Her mom wanted to do something special for her and her friends. They contacted us about our Magic Mirror and Ferris Wheel Sweet Carousel Deal for £99, but her main concern was around it being a house party, would the mirror fit in the house.

Well, in short it does and the girls and her parents were so excited when we arrived with the Magic Mirror and they couldn’t get enough of it. From the image you can tell that it doesn’t take up as much space as you think. It is a great way to celebrate any birthday, anniversary or party, but don’t think that you have to hire out a large hall. Unlike it’s bulky counterpart, our Magic Mirror will take up less an a meter squared – plus some space to get your awesome pose ready.

If you are interested in booking our Magic Mirror, check out all the details and prices here. To take advantage of our Mirror & Ferris Wheel deal, get more information here.

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